March Monthly Pass - Healthy Living


March Monthly Pass - Healthy Living

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This is a slow to medium paced class with a focus on correct alignment and creating good posture habits. I encourage the use of straps and blocks in this class to support proper alignment, and allow you to stay pain-free in each pose! You will need to move up and down off the floor, but only a few times, during this class. This is an ideal yoga class for most moderately-active adults. Learning to focus on deep, yoga breathing, and how to match breath with movement where we move with our breath from one pose to the next. Focusing on our breath while moving through our practice allows us to stay mentally and physically present on our mats while releasing tension, building internal heat, and building our strength.

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Healthy Living Yoga Classes are currently being offered Tuesday evenings from 7:00p - 8:00p and Thursday evenings from 7:00p - 8:00p.  Both of these class time options are located at the First Presbyterian Church of Sand Springs.

This payment option is for students who wish to purchase their classes by the month in order to receive a lower per/class rate.

*Classes do not rollover from month to month. We recommend purchasing this option at the beginning of the month.