Rehab Videos

Ever wondered about all the little things that you could be doing throughout your day to help your body feel better? Well, here you go! Check back for new video tips on how to move, sit, stand, and stretch throughout your day so you can always feel your best.

Ever wondered why your doctor is always telling you to get up, walk around, and take breaks during your work day?

Ever have low back or sciatic pain? Or know someone who’s always talking about their sciatica? Well here’s a great stretch for that area of the body - specifically your piriformis muscles that run from your SI (sacroiliac) joint around to your femur.

When we can bring our pelvis to an easy and comfortable neutral position it makes everything else easier. Whether you’re standing or sitting having a neutral pelvis will help to decrease the strain and workload of our low back. And the less work your low back has to do the less likely it is hurt and be sore later today and tomorrow!